The Misfits – Collection II & I [TDK D46] – Enter “Alex The Fur”

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We were thirteen or so, my friends and I were just staring moving our first steps into music and we had just found out about this incredible band called Metallica. We knew every single song by heart, but we wanted more and we were constantly craving for new Metallica songs, therefore we started hunting for bootlegs, looking for rarities and covers. One of my friends managed to find a really good one on which Metallica played many songs we never heard of: one of them was called Last Caress. Then I remember a picture of Cliff Burton wearing this awesome T-shirt sporting a great big skull: we all loved that T-shirt…

Enter my friend and ex bandmate Alessio “The Baron”. Alessio at the time was a sort of  myth. A couple of years older than us, he was (and still is) a huge guy with long curly hair and a thick beard which at the time earned him the nickname of  “Alex the Fur”. He had a little radio program at the local radio station called “Sudden Impact” which we all used to listen (thinking about it, we were probably his only audience). He was a skater, he loved horror movies and according to one guy at school who knew him personally, his bedroom was a “heavy metal temple”.  He was the one to ask to for all music matters, as he seemed to know everything of almost every band ever existed.
So one day we got on our BMXs and went looking for this oracle to ask him about this great song we’ve heard. We found him skating along the streets, we never met him before, but his huge figure was unmistakable. We shily introduced, finding out with a pleasurable surprise that he was a truly funny and friendly guy. Finally one of us dared to ask: “We all love Metallica and ther’s this one song which doesn’t feature on any of their albums: the song is called Last Caress.”  Alex The Fur looked down at us fresh newbies with short hair with a bit of a scornful smile and, raising an eybrow, he spoke enlightening us:  “That song is featured in a very rare Metallica EP, which I own of course. It is not an original, but a cover from a band that is no more. have you noticed the skull tattoed on Cliff Burton’s shoulder? That’s their logo. Their founding member is called Glenn Danzing and their bass player, Jerry Only, is James Hetfield’s older brother.”  This last bit of information later proved to be just a legend, but none of us could know at the time (not even Alessio,  you’ll find out the reason why in the next few lines), still these few infos were enough for us to jump back on our BMXs and venture for yet another two big quests: that of the mythical Garage Days EP, and the even harder quest for The Misfits.

Thanks to Metallica, The Misfits were getting the fame they didn’t have while still together, but their records still proved to be hard to find. Infos about their biography were nowhere to be found, more to this, their discography was quite tangled up (you can check for yourself here) and the record shops were full of bootleg material, most of it worthless due to the horrible sound quality.  Some lucky guys, among which Alessio of course, managed to find at a record fair a much coveted copy of the Beware EP , which featured Last Caress in its tracklist (he had to tape it to oh so many people) but all the rest of us were left to the easier to find Legacy Of Brutality, Walk Among Us, Heart A.D. and Collection I. We had to wait until 1995 when all of a sudden a new Misfits collection was released featuring Last Caress in good sound quality along with many other precious gems. Still the CD provided almost no infos, no dates, no names, anything. The quest was still on.

More about the Misfits will follow in the next posts…

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Encoded from a TDK D46 cassette.
Noise, cracks and hissing are intentionally left untouched.

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