Pearl Jam – Ten / Dogs D’Amour – Straight??!! [Sony HF 90]

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I don’t really know how the first Pearl Jam album ended up sharing a tape with one of the sleaziest bands of 80ies/early 90ies. I can’t even recollect who lended that album to me in the first place. I remember why I taped it though: everytime I stumbled into some pictures of  Dogs D’Amour on music magazines such as Flash or Metal Shock I was like “What the fuck?!” They had a funny if not grotesque name and a very peculiar look, they reminded me of a sleazier version of Guns’n’Roses, or what Motley Crue would have looked like if they were tanning in the English rain instead of  bathing in California sun: see for yourself. I understood from interviews and articles that the band was a creature of the lead singer Tyla, the only ever lasting member of the band, a natural born loser with a fondness for alcohol and Charles Bukowski: not surprisingly, their third album is entitled  A Graveyard Of Empty Bottles. This record in particular was their biggest success, entering the charts and allegedly making them stars in…Finland! Or at least this was Tyla’s version of the story, who was usually quite foggy about the details. I was intrigued to say the least and was quite eager to find out what these weirdos sounded like. Unluckily at the time it seemed  impossible to find any records in the usual shops where I used to go, so I was never able to satisfy my curiosity until somebody gave me a copy of Straight??!! years after my first encounter with the band. Aaand…well, I didn’t exactly fell in love with Dogs D’Amour as their music didn’t impress me that much: it’s a bluesy glam rock! But I can’t deny I still have a true sympathy for this bunch of perfect losers and particularly for Tyla, whom I shall always be grateful to, for making me discover one of my favorite writers of all time. Mr. Charles Bukowski.

What about Pearl Jam and Ten?! The truth is: I never liked that record, it didn’t mean much to me and I never quite got Pearl Jam, sorry. I liked better Vs., but more about this record and about Pearl Jam will come in one of the next posts. Finally I find surprising how decorated this cassette is compared to the times I have listened to it, which are not so many in fact. Some strange form of reverse logic I guess.

A note on the tracklist: Release, the last track on Ten is missing. It was recorded on SideB, which, before Dogs D’Amour, featured the first album by The Clash as you may see from the back card of the cassette.

Download Side-A /Download Side-B

Stream Side-A on MixCloud/Stream Side-B on MixCloud

Originally recorded on a Sony HF90 cassette.
Noise, cracks and hissing are intentionally left untouched.

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