Babes In Toyland – Nemesisters [TDK F-60]

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I’ve been reading on different occasions that the rock world is quite misogynist. I didn’t quite get what this meant until I found out that many of my peers back in the 90ies regarded female rock bands or female musicians (apart from folk singers and such) as novelties/jokes. I wasn’t shocked or anything, I didn’t get it then and I still don’t get it nowaday. What’s so strange about a female rocker? I liked many of the bands that came out of the so called Riot Grrrl movement such as L7, Bikini Kill, Huggy Bear and the Babes In Toyland. While reading White Line Fever some years ago I was happy to find out that even Lemmy, not your average politically correct chap, had the same point of view.

However, liking female bands and all, and having sometimes different opinions than some of my prejudiced peers, sometimes I liked to think of myself as a being quite liberal and open minded. A pretty smart guy, you know?
Up there at my uncle’s I had a very dear friend who was also into music, a lot, but being the closest record shop 30Km away from his village, and being basically the only metalhead/punk around he didn’t have many chances of getting new music. So everytime we met, he was eager to listen all the news stuff I bought up as his Metallica and Slayer tapes and the few CDs he had were almost falling apart from consumption. I was truly happy to share my new findings with him, but I admit I also took a bit of pride in what I regarded as a “mission”:  the city-boy “educating”  the country-boy friend. So then, one winter among the cassettes I brought with me I had Babes In Toyland. He just saw the tape and asked about it and I remember replying something like: “Naah, I don’t think you’d like them, they’re too strange for you I guess. Maybe in some time.”  What did he do? He trusted me of course: I was his friend! So much for the smart, open minded guy. Yeah, we were sixteen o seventeen, but that’s a pretty lame excuse for being an asshole.
I’m sorry Pal.

B.I.T were never exactly a riot grrl band in my opinion and certainly they were not grunge (now that I think about it: what’s grunge?!) but sure they did rock. They were a nasty powerful trio, abrasive, harsh and metallic and they had a terrific drummer called Lori Barbero. Fontanelle was the album that made them known to a greater audience thanks to the association with grunge and a single called Bruise Violet which featured in a quite famous compilation (more will come on this). Nemesisters was their last record and well…let’s say that I do own Fontanelle on CD while Nemesisters is only on a copied tape. Still is not that bad a record in my opinion, not as bad as AllMusic says at least.

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Originally recorded on a Sony HF90 cassette.
Noise, cracks and hissing are intentionally left untouched.

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