[Side A] Arturo – Ar-cor / Anarki og Kaos: Norsk Punk ’79-’81 [Teenage Angst]

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I remember listening to Arturo on a road trip with my friend Diego. We were 18, it was early november and were speeding on the highway at 140Kmh in Diego’s Fiat Panda, windows rolled down, screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs. We were coming back from a short visit at my uncle’s in the mountians: four wild days of no sleep, weed, partying and alcohol. Four days of exorcism, trying to forget, trying to mend a broken heart. I can’t imagine a better soundtrack to this than some raw, fast, juvenile, stupid, passionte, angry, desperate hardcore punk.  I want to be speechless / Tears in my eyes, rage in my heart [Senza Parole (Speechless)]. Teenage angst at its maximum.

For the Italians: you may find all the infos you need about Arturo on Wikipedia. For the non Italians: Arturo are (were?) a hardcore-punk band from Turin. Ar-cor was their first album released on Panx Records in 1995. Sorry if you don’t understand Italian: the lyrics sometimes are quite good.

Anarki & Kaos – Norsk Punk 79-81 is a norwegian punk-rock compilation released in 1992 on Voices Of Wonder records. I bought it in Olso in 1996, during my first trip to Norway. If you’re into early punk-rock and like digging for rough gems I strongly recommend it. It’s still possible to find it here and there, legally or not: you choose. Featured here three of my favorite songs and a fourth which I wonder why I taped.  Diego used to say that Monster by Front Page reminded him of  Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show: in fact he’s right…  Du Er En Dritt (more or less: You’re An Asshole) by Rough Trade says it all in 22 seconds, while I suspect that Holocaust by Sjølmord may have “interesting” lyrics: it’s sung in German, so it’s hard to tell. About the last song…I think I should have taped this one instead.

One of best things about C-60s was the fact that you could tape a full album and you had some blank space to fill at the end of each side: main course plus a dessert. In this case I could tape a full album on one side plus four more songs: ask a punk about economy.

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Originally recorded on a TDK D-60 cassette.
Noise, cracks and hissing are intentionally left untouched.

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