Fugazi – “Steady Diet Of Nothing”/7 Seconds “The Music The Message” – [TDK FE-60]

December 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

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Even after their hiatus Fugazi are an unstoppable force, an example, an inspiration whether you like their music or not.
Read this article about Fugazi Live Series to find out what I’m talking about.
This project they started though, made me think about Simon Reynolds’ Retromania: an archive like this is a clear example of what’s going on (in music) nowadays and part of what Reynolds is talking about. This not being a judgement on the Live Series, as an observation. One thing is certain though: Fugazi’d never belong in a museum.

Steady Diet… was the album that made me discover Fugazi. And I didn’t like it that much. I had to stumble into them again later to find out what everybody was talking about.

Side B of the cassette features¬†The Music, The Message by 7 Seconds: I didn’t have any memory of this record and listening to it again after years I realise that my brian did a good job of forgetting about it!

Download Side-A /Download Side-B

Stream Side-A on MixCloud/Stream Side-B on MixCloud

Originally recorded on a TDK FE-60 cassette.
Noise, cracks and hissing are intentionally left untouched.

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