Robert Gordon/Stray Cats – [TDK Cding 2-60]

January 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

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I have a cousin whose lifetime boyfriend (now husband) was a hardcore rockabilly in his salad days. During a Christmas lunch with all the family he brought along a couple of CDs which nobody wanted to listen. I did, and taped them instantly. Having only one cassette, given to me by my cousin, I had to choose between making a selection of both or taping one and sort the best out of the other. Between the Stray Cats and Robert Gordon I found out that the latter was my man: I was immeditaly won by his suede voice…and his majestical ears! This was my first dip into rockabilly, a genre which I never exactly fell in love with, but that was good fun flirting with….until I finally managed to get to the Cramps of course, but that’s another story.

This selection in my opinion is particularly good as it is enjoably varied in pace and style. Check it out and be sure not to miss Fire and Something’s Gonna Happen!

Download Side-A /Download Side-B

Stream Side-A on MixCloud/Stream Side-B on MixCloud

Originally recorded on a TDK CDing2-60 cassette.
Noise, cracks and hissing are intentionally left untouched

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